bc-031-dkbnmaso44 Men’s boots are a staple piece for those who live the rugged life or are comfortable with the look. Check out the beautiful stitching on the style on the right.



52        I I found this awesome site to buy all kinds of shoes, shipping from Miami. (Link on bio.)


Have the tough guy attitude on low and the style on high.    -Amanda Elias

There are different styles to garnish the  rugged look. Here I have a few ideas for you to know how to put together a look for the perfect rugged style with the perfect touch (your personality). So go on! take out those scuffed up boots or even if they have yet not been taken out of the box because you have no idea (style orientation) on what to wear it with. For this look even a plain T-shirt and some washed out or ripped jeans will do. If you reside in a cold place simply add a simple jacket with no embellishments (adds too much oomph – remember we’re going rugged here).


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