The Erudite:

Clever styles for dress loafers


brown-shoes-with-brown-jeans-betolli      t-shirt-a-col-rond-gris-pantalon-chino-blanc-mocassins-a-pampilles-en-daim-gris-large-22001





Moccasins date back from the early 1800’s when the ingenious Native Americans created a shoe for their chief and his men to wear while exploring the wilderness to hunt animals and so forth. First made with soft leathers like deerskin and others, the moccasins were made with soft insoles. But today this shoe has evolved into a contemporary staple piece in every men’s wardrobe of all ages and styles. Now there is a vast material used for the uppers such as Bovine leather (cow hide / calfskin), Cordovan Shell (from horse), Pigskin/Peccary (from pig), Kidskin (from goat), even more. Tassels on a moccasin dress loafer is essential for the classy modern man.












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