4th of July:

What to wear


fourth-of-july-mens-dressy-look-plaid-blue-red-and-white-shirt-white-blazer-pocket-square-denim-and-white-loafers.jpg         06d592b04ac54703ce865a34c27955ca--light-blue-blazers-color-blockingbb8ec9203cfe6af3b20967007f7c3aeb5eae8c44b4afb67b395253df54d246cb5efd3d22650872ac4530172668edab5a--streetstyle-daniel-oconnell57639f0c7f38ac322fc14e0074bfd729

This 4th of July get ready for the summer’s heat wave. Put on your most breathable clothing with the most comfortable shoes. Here I am posting some awesome slip on driving shoes for my favorite style ideas, of course I’ve got the top colors for the greatest Patriot; blue, red and white. Can’t go wrong with these choices but what CAN go wrong is how you style it. So in this case, less is more. I know this is a cliche but I must warn you my friend, the less exuberant the more sophisticated (for work or semi-formal event) or relaxed (if for a BBQ) the look will be. So say no to tacky stars all over your tops or bottoms, or to too much matchy-matchy red, white and blue. So have fun and be safe.


HAPPY 4th !!!






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